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Leading Accounting, Tax & Advisory Firm Illustrates Commitment to Innovation

SAN JOSE, C.A. (June 22, 2016) – As part of CohnReznick’s strategic commitment to provide world-class client service and to help clients innovate to accelerate performance, the top accounting, tax and advisory firm today joined Realcomm Chairman Jim Young on-stage during the keynote at Realcomm 2016 Silicon Valley at the San Jose Civic Auditorium.  Today’s interactive demonstration of the innovation technologies driving agility and efficiency in the real estate sector follows the launch of the Firm’s state-of-the-art Innovation Lab at its NYC headquarters – the first Innovation Lab created by an accounting firm of CohnReznick’s size.

Tama Huang, Principal, Global Real Estate Advisory Services Leader, NOI Strategies, a Division of CohnReznick, and Keith Denham, Managing Principal, CohnReznick, and National Director, CohnReznick Advisory, will present concepts around innovation and how technology is helping to drive that process as well as detailing how technology and innovation is impacting real estate.

“We’re thrilled to help kick off this event by showcasing how the latest collaboration and visualization technology, paired with CohnReznick’s innovation insight, can deliver the real estate industry breakthrough results, help them navigate today’s disrupted landscape, and transform business models for future growth,” said Denham.

“In this era of digital disruption, real estate organizations must innovate to deepen customer engagement and create efficiencies that improve operations and drive increased asset and portfolio value. The Realcomm 2016 conference, which centers on innovation, underscores this need, and provides the ideal platform for CohnReznick to showcase its innovation solutions,” added Huang.

The keynote demonstration will take the audience through an example of how, using next-generation visual collaboration workspace technology from Bluescape, CohnReznick will work together in real-time across three different locations to help a business owner determine the most efficient retail site in a chosen market, analyzing real-time operational and other relevant data, in order to grow their business. Bluescape’s visual collaboration platform lets multiple teams see the whole picture as they ideate, refine, and develop projects in the first cloud-native interactive workspace that’s ultra-scalable, all-capturing and accessible from any device.

In addition, CohnReznick will host demonstrations of the technology at its Realcomm exhibition booth (#1107), highlighting how real estate organizations can innovate to accelerate system integrations, turn operations intelligence into improved efficiency, enhance forecasting and planning models, and better align strategy and operations.

Denham, Huang, and other CohnReznick and NOI Strategies executives, including:  Robert Bushey, Julie Miner, Ross Miller, Anthony Nazzaro, Paul Ricci, and Naseem Wenzel, will lead and participate in panel conversations during the event as well, on topics ranging from cyber security to collaboration to global transformation.  Please find the full schedule here.

About CohnReznick
CohnReznick LLP is one of the top accounting, tax, and advisory firms in the United States, combining the resources and technical expertise of a national firm with the hands-on, entrepreneurial approach that today’s dynamic business environment demands. Headquartered in New York, NY, and with offices nationwide, CohnReznick serves a large number of diverse industries and offers specialized services for middle market and Fortune 1000 companies, private equity and financial services firms, government contractors, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. The Firm, with origins dating back to 1919, has more than 2,700 employees including nearly 300 partners and is a member of Nexia International, a global network of independent accountancy, tax, and business advisors. For more information, visit

About NOI Strategies
NOI Strategies, a division of CohnReznick LLP, helps the world’s leading real estate organizations achieve operational excellence. Our consultants deliver strategy, finance, operations, and technology solutions to help clients create value across the entire asset life cycle. A global professional services firm, we provide strategy and operations advisory, system selections and implementations, valuation and transaction advisory, digital strategies, cybersecurity services, and predictive analytics solutions to real estate owners, operators, investors, and corporate users. Last year, NOI was entrusted by real estate clients globally to deliver more than 100 projects.


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NOI Strategies, A Division of CohnReznick at Realcomm 2016

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NOI Strategies, A Division of CohnReznick is pleased to participate in Realcomm 2016, the leading conference focused on the topic of technology, innovation and automation for the Commercial, Corporate and Facilities industry. Visit Booth #1107.

Commercial Real Estate COO CFO CAA Innovation Summit
Tama Huang, Principal, Global Real Estate Advisory Services Leader, NOI Strategies, a Division of CohnReznick, will moderate an exclusive, private event, designed for the commercial real estate Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer is being held at Realcomm | IBcon on pre-conference day, Tuesday, June 21 from 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. PDT at the San Jose Convention.

Learn More

Keynote Presentation
Tama Huang, Principal, Global Real Estate Advisory Services Leader, NOI Strategies, a Division of CohnReznick, and Keith Denham, Managing Principal, CohnReznick, and National Director, CohnReznick Advisory, will present concepts around innovation and how technology is helping to drive that process and how technology / innovation is impacting real estate.

Our RealComm 2016 Presenters

Risk Management: Conquering the Unknown Beast

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A toddler who takes his very first step is immediately confronted with risk. Will that step result in a sudden fall? Or will the toddler take even more steps without having a plan or the ability to stop?

Like a toddler dealing with the perils of walking for the first time, construction industry executives have had many sleepless nights when thinking about risk issues. While this fear of risk is natural, and somewhat healthy, it must be controlled before it is allowed to dominate construction related decision making.

In a series of articles, CohnReznick and NOI Strategies, a division of CohnReznick, examine the elements of risk as they pertain to the construction industry. Some common risks include job site safety, field risks, and environment risks. Others are more directly focused on business issues and include compliance risk, job costing and estimating risk, IT security, and reputational risk. We also look at ways the industry can leverage real-time information, including new technologies, as a key step in developing a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Traditional Risk Management

Traditionally, construction companies dealt with risk in a predictive/reactive way with little ability to control outcomes in real time. At the onset of a project, traditional risk categories were examined, negative outcomes predicted, probabilities assigned, and overall project costs adjusted to reflect this risk. Through project completion, resulting losses were tracked only as they were reported and construction companies struggled to take corrective action in a timely manner. Without the ability to monitor and track risk and negative outcomes, companies worked in a reactive mode, doing little to monitor risk issues before they occurred.

Real-time Data Tracking and Risk Management

The arrival of real-time data tracking and increased accountability has changed the way construction companies manage risk. At the beginning of a project, companies still follow traditional risk assessment processes by initially identifying and addressing key areas of risk. However, once these risk areas are identified, construction executives can now access relevant data in real time, closely track contributing factors and, with data in the right hands, take corrective action to mitigate the situation before significant loss occurs.

Job Site Risk Management

Construction supervisors managing projects on-site have greatly benefited from the use of real time tracking tools. Once a risk is identified, supervisors can identify and monitor the contributing risk factors and make real time adjustments. For example, construction projects in regions affected by seasonal tropical disturbances can monitor storm activity and set alerts when storms reach certain intensity or come within a certain distance. Adjustments can be made quickly to the job site protecting assets and ensuring employee safety.

Why Focus on Risk?

Ask most corporate leaders about risk and the likely answer will be, “the higher the risk, the greater the reward”. A risk/reward scenario must be at the forefront of all risk analysis. However, corporations today have begun to shift their focus on risk to an equally important emphasis on the benefits of mitigating risk and the ability to lessen the downside consequences of risk. Examples of the benefits achieved when risk is managed include increased employee safety, fewer project delays, less environmental impact, and a reduction in cost overruns. By using real time data and shifting the monitoring and management of risk to the field, negative impacts can be proactively addressed and mitigated.

Lowering Cost/Increasing Benefit

The benefits of mitigating risk can often be tracked and assigned a dollar value. For example, construction firms will identify the risk of an increased price of raw materials as a result of recent shortages. By tracking prices real time, once a small price increase occurs, orders will be increased and inventories built up to help offset rising costs. Risk monitoring can also reduce the negative impact on issues for which a dollar amount does not exist. Factors such as human life lost, project accidents, or environmental disasters can be avoided through real time monitoring. Using the previous example, construction projects that are subject to storms and other natural disasters can quickly shift a work force to protect them from potential danger. Additionally, job sites can be modified (locked down) in order to reduce the impact on the environment from natural disasters.

What’s In It for Me?

Companies that monitor risk on an ongoing, real time basis, and move accountability to the field, can take advantage of the rewards that come with calculated risk. They will suffer less from the downside consequences when risk is not managed. CohnReznick helps construction companies and other clients develop processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risk. This helps them meet performance objectives by becoming more process and data oriented, leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.


To learn more about risk mitigation success strategies, to review case studies, and to learn how CohnReznick can help your company better address risk, please contact Anthony Nazzaro, Principal, NOI Strategies, A Division of CohnReznick.

Keith Denham to Moderate Cybersecurity Session at CoRE Tech 2015

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On November 11, Keith Denham, Managing Principal and National Director, CohnReznick Advisory Group, will moderate a discussion at CoRE Tech 2015 titled “Cybersecurity – Assessing the Threat to Corporate Real Estate and Facilities”.  Session panelists will include highly credentialed professionals from the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security to provide an overview on the cyber war and a focus on how government agencies are specifically working with the real estate industry to fight this battle. Anthony Nazzaro, Principal, and Bob Bushey, Director, will also participate in the event.

Given the stakes, discussion abounds on the vulnerabilities within the corporate real estate industry. Building specifications, occupant information, and building systems are all susceptible to a cyber attack. CoRE Tech 2015, held in Silicon Valley, will feature global thought leaders and in-depth discussions on a range of topics that include next generation workplace design and strategy; comprehensive corporate real estate information management solutions; and smart, connected, high performance, energy efficient and sustainable intelligent buildings.

For more information about this sold-out event, click here.

NOI Strategies to Participate in Realcomm Webinar

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Anthony Nazzaro, Principal, will participate in a webinar hosted by Realcomm on October 22. Titled View From the Top – Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, the session will center on how technology and automation are anticipated to play a major role in how corporate real estate assets are used and operated in the future. Other pivotal issues to be addressed include: a status report on innovation, the challenges to true operational transformation, and the long-term benefits of some of the market’s most exciting emerging technologies.

Taking advantage of technology, automation and innovation enables corporate real estate leadership to create an enhanced occupant experience, conserve energy, decrease operating expenses, and meet sustainability goals. This candid discussion will lend insight into the market’s best practices and delve into how industry thought leaders are redefining the use and management of corporate assets.

Contact Anthony Nazzaro to learn more.

Improving Returns Using Advanced Data Analysis

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On September 30th, CohnReznick hosted a panel discussion for commercial and institutional real estate investment executives at the Sheraton Hartford South in Hartford, CT. The panel discussed how real estate private equity firms are implementing advanced management systems that integrate operational and financial data across portfolios to improve reporting. The team addressed how employing advanced data analytics can support predictive investment decisions and drive operational improvements that can improve returns, increasing the ability to attract new capital. The panel included Tina St. Pierre, a Partner at Landmark Partners, J. David Kelsey, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Hamilton Point Investments, and Mathew Gilbert of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors.

NOI Strategies Exhibits at YASC ’15 Conference

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Ray LeBrun, Managing Director, and Katherine Finley, Senior Consultant, will exhibit at the Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) in Anaheim, CA from October 7 – October 9. NOI Strategies is committed to helping the real estate sector implement forward-thinking technology solutions and drive process efficiencies to create operational excellence. YASC provides an opportunity for real estate executives to discover innovative software solutions to keep businesses social, mobile, and smart.

Visit us to discuss how leading real estate organizations are using technology to streamline business operations and grow net operating income. For more information about this event, please contact Ray LeBrun or visit

NOI Strategies to Attend Premier Commercial Real Estate Event

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Cindy Wozny-Carl, Senior Manager, will be joined by Naseem Wenzel, Managing Director, and Tama Huang, Principal, Real Estate Advisory Services Leader, in attending the 2015 CREW Network Convention in Seattle from September 30 – October 3. The theme of the event – Action Creates Transformation – dovetails nicely with NOI’s efforts to help real estate organizations achieve leaner, more efficient, innovative and forward-thinking operations. In addition, NOI shares in CREW’s commitment to the advancement of women in commercial real estate and to promoting diversity within the industry. Within NOI Strategies, women represent 48% of professional staff, while women represent 43% of NOI’s senior leadership team. Wozny-Carl served on the national CREW Network board of directors in 2013-2014. NOI is eager to continue cultivating its relationship with CREW Network and partnering to advance the achievements of women and the success of the commercial real estate industry.

The annual event is a valuable opportunity to learn about the local commercial real estate market and take advantage of some of the best education in the marketplace. With insight from an impressive all-female lineup of thought-provoking speakers, including former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Morgan Stanley Vice Chairperson Carla Harris and former CNBC Chief Economist Marci Rossell, the 2015 CREW Network Convention provides an insider’s look at some of the most innovative commercial space in the world.

NOI Strategies’ Naseem Wenzel to Participate in OSCRE Knowledge-Sharing Event

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Naseem Wenzel, Managing Director, NOI Strategies, A Division of CohnReznick LLP, is among a select group of real estate industry leaders chosen to participate on a knowledge-sharing panel focusing on the vital importance of information exchange for the real estate industry. The panel will be convened by OSCRE—The Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate on Sept. 25 in New York. Co-hosts are Realcomm and TIAA-CREF.
According to Wenzel, the panel will concentrate on four key themes, including:

  • Common challenges relating to the creation of data standards to support data integration
  • What can be learned from leading companies about building a strategy for information management in partnership with service providers
  • The latest developments in information-exchange standards and data quality for complex real estate portfolios
  • How to assess an information-exchange strategy and start building an action plan

Ideas captured during the knowledge-sharing session will be disseminated by OSCRE to its membership.

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