Operational Support Services

NOI Strategies’ Operational Support Services (OSS) is much more than the traditional outsourcing that is offered by predominantly off-shore service providers. We work closely with our clients to tailor processes to take advantage of external resources (including a balance of on-shore and off-shore) while maintaining internal control and decision-making. While the cost arbitrage of our Operational Support Services typically ranges from 30 to 50 percent, expense reduction is often not the driver for moving to our outsource model. Extremely high quality, scalability, transparency, and the ability to deploy assets to more value-added activities can be equally compelling factors in adopting our OSS model.

While our services are constantly expanding to meet the demands of our clients, the core of OSS is the lease document. We have tremendous respect for the complexity of each lease and the importance that lease abstraction and set-up has to downstream activities (whether performed internally or externally) like recurring billings, collections, recoveries and the like.

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