Strategy and Operations

NOI Strategies has worked with many of the world’s largest real estate operators, investors, and corporate users to define their business models and operating strategies and to optimize mission-critical processes.

The Strategy & Operations practice has deep experience in transforming legacy processes to meet business needs and to deploy technology in support of these new processes. In many cases, organizational silos have caused significant inefficiencies which require a re-alignment of functions within the client organization.

Business issues recently addressed by the Strategy & Operations practice include:

  • Decentralized property operations and fragmented accounting functions leading to a 15-day monthly close cycle.
  • Hybrid approach to property management and accounting (internal and 3rd-party) leading to high costs per square foot under management.
  • Ineffective and time consuming budgeting and forecasting process resulting in high budget variances and soaring G&A expense.
  • Cycle times
  • Data flow and approvals

Service Offerings

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