Information Management

Behind every organizational decision stands an information organization. Without comprehensive information management, decisions may be delayed, incomplete, or ineffectual. Just as organizations strive for collaboration in the decision-making process, integration is critical to information management. A holistic information management structure standardizes data governance and ownership and encompasses business intelligence frameworks, data warehouses and data marts, and data integration toolkits.

NOI Strategies is deeply familiar with the operational and analytical processes that drive sound decision making in the real estate industry. We understand how to design and deploy relational databases that are optimized for the processing of real estate portfolio information. We emphasize strong release management across software and hardware environments in support of both cyclical and incremental information needs.

NOI Strategies works with clients to:

  • Transform tactical data into strategic information
  • Integrate data from heterogeneous sources
  • Manage data to ensure a single source of truth
  • Cleanse data to improve quality
  • Enhance governance and compliance through information management

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