Optimizing a Technology Investment

August 13, 2014 | Case Studies

Business Challenge

A global investment fund, with a portfolio of more than 100 real estate equity assets and 300 debt investments, planned significant technology improvements. The organization operated with a hybrid set of business processes, resulting in part from equity assets inherited through foreclosure. Functional silos limited communication and collaboration across groups. Management recognized the need to address process before technology—to ensure that new systems did not perpetuate ineffective processes. The timing of technology initiatives required fast action to avoid significant delays.

Initial Technical Environment

Inefficient legacy applications drove existing processes and did not include workflow or other process-based tools. Third-party fee managers provided limited operational data electronically.

NOI Strategies Solution

The client turned to NOI Strategies to optimize key processes and conduct a detailed review of all operational and financial reporting. Recognizing time constraints, the NOI team:

  • Conducted initial discovery sessions to identify processes that needed immediate attention, before the onset of technology initiatives, and processes that could be addressed concurrently.
  • Worked with client leadership to make business model decisions in advance of optimization efforts, to ensure that new processes reflected a strategic business perspective.
  • Created detailed current-state process maps, documented business requirements, and conducted cross-functional visioning sessions to design new processes, including leasing, lease administration, budgeting and forecasting, accounts receivable/accounts payable, variance analysis, and valuation/projection.


The client’s new business processes capitalized on planned technology investments. Technology initiatives moved forward on schedule and delivered maximum benefit.

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